Greenspan's Travel Bags

Greenspan's Travel Bags

Out of stock. Resupplied in September, 2016.

Greenspan's zipper nylon travel bags with a clear "window" to see inside. A black bag with a Greenspan's design emblem in silver on it. (Pendleton and hanger not included.)

  • Price: $3.00

Pendleton Metal License Plate

black Pendleton Southwest design bandana

Pendleton metal l"icense plate", made for Greenspan's, in South Gate, California by Pendleton Woolen Mills, a sign with the logo from the blue label. Measures approximately 24 inches by 12 incles. Great for his man cave. Shipped separtately.

  • Price: $40.00

Preorder Grey Mix Pendleton Board Shirt

green Pendleton board shirt wool flannel photography by Josh Greenspan

Preorder with September, 2018 scheduled shipping. All wool regular fit board shirts for the Fall 2018 season, solid color grey mix. This shade of solid grey virgin wool flannel is revisited this season. 

  • Price: $135.00

Men's Pendleton shirt size chart

Men's Pendleton shirt size chart

This a size chart is just to reference for Pendleton regular fit products. This is not an item that can be ordered.

  • Price: $0.00

making the board shirt short sleeved

making the board shirt short sleeved

make long sleeved Pendletons into short sleeved.

  • Price: $5.00