red gray with ombre Pendleton board shirt all wool flannel 2016
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PREORDER Spring 2021 Pendleton Board Shirt Red Slate Ombre Plaid

Price: $149.00
  • Manufacturer: Pendleton
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PRESALE ONLY. Preorder Spring 2021 Long Sleeve Pendleton Board Shirt, color Red Slate Ombre Plaid, with November, 2020 scheduled shipping. Regular fit. These are all virgin wool flannel "board shirts", by Pendleton Woolen Mills. They feature two flap pockets, straight bottom, button up, with a top loop button. Also there is now an additional button on the cuff to adjust the arm opening at the hand.  There are 4 delivery groups of patterns for Spring 2021 board shirts. This is with the "first delivery" of the Spring 2021 board shirts by Pendleton. Color Red Slate Ombre Plaid. Presale only.